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Preparing Ph.D Applications
Thinking about a Ph.D? Keep these things in mind as you begin the process of applying for Ph.D programs.
Top 10 Steps for Vocational Discernment and Job Seekers
Here are some action step suggestions for those seeking a life-giving living, including part-time and summer work, and full-time post-graduation positions.
Candler Resume, CV and Cover Letter Templates
Not sure how your resume, CV or cover letter should be structured? Check out the Candler templates to assist you!
Evaluating and Negotiating a Job Offer
Candler Career Services
Learn tips on how to evaluate and negotiate your salary and other benefits!
Behavioral Interviewing
The behavioral interview is designed to minimize personal impressions that can affect the hiring decision.
The S.T.A.R Method for Interviewing
The STAR technique will help you learn how to describe the situation, your task in it, your action, and the result or outcome – just by remembering the acronym STAR:
Case Study Interviewing
In a case interview, you are introduced to a business dilemma facing a particular company. You have to analyze the situation, identify key business issues, and discuss how you would address the problems.